All You Need to Know About Liver Cirrhosis - Dr. Ninad Deshmukh

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All You Need to Know About Liver Cirrhosis - Dr. Ninad Deshmukh

All You Need to Know About Liver Cirrhosis – Dr. Ninad Deshmukh

The functioning of the liver is critical to a person’s good health. This large organ, located in the abdomen produces enzymes that promote good digestion, remove toxins from the blood, stores nutrients for the body to use latterly and help in fighting off infections. Any liver complaint can affect the functioning of the organ performing in serious and frequently life-threatening medical conditions. Among the most common and also most serious liver conditions is cirrhosis. Then are many of the most frequent asked questions (FAQs) about cirrhosis of the liver

What’s cirrhosis?
This is a condition when the healthy cells of the liver are slowly replaced by scar tissue which reduces the capability of the liver to carry out its important functions.

What causes cirrhosis?
The causes of cirrhosis are multiple, but the most common is excessive consumption of alcohol and infections.

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis?
In the early stages, there are frequently no noticeable symptoms. Still, as the condition develops, the following signs are likely to appear
Loss of appetite and weight loss
Weakness and fatigue
Vomiting blood
Brown colored urine
Severe muscle pain
Easily getting bruised or small cuts that bleed further than normal
Yellowing of the skin and eye ( jaundice)
The development of minute blood vessels visible just below the skin surface
Intense itching
Whitening of the finger and toenails
Redness of the palms

What are the causes?
The abuse or inordinate input of alcohol, either regularly or due to binge drinking which is when a person doesn’t drink every day, but when he or she does, consumes extremely large amounts.
Still, you have a threat ofNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), If you’re fat. This is a condition where fat deposits accumulate in the liver, affecting its capability to serve and placing increased stress on the organ. It may progress to

Non-Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis (NASH)
Infections similar as Hepatitis B or C
An inordinate quantum of iron in the body
Conditions like diabetes make it delicate for the body to reuse sugars and lead to NAFLD and NASH
Autoimmune conditions that beget damage to the liver cells
Inheritable digestive diseases
The responses to certain specifics
Cystic Fibrosis
Certain infections

How Is the condition diagnosed?
Because in the early stages of the condition there are frequently no symptoms, cirrhosis is often diagnosed during a regular medical examination where a tender or enlarged liver may be discovered. However, tests will be done to determine if there are If the symptoms that are present or the doctor’s observation lead to the possibility of cirrhosis.

Excessively high situations of liver enzymes
Excessive quantities of bilirubin in the blood
Low levels of proteins in the blood
Abnormal blood count levels
Signs of virus infections
Signs of the presence of certain antibodies appear when there’s an autoimmune liver disease condition.
Imaging studies (Ultrasound, Fibroscan, etc)
Liver biopsy

What Is the Treatment?
The earlier a liver disease like cirrhosis is diagnosed the lesser the chances of being suitable to treat it through medication and lifestyle changes. However, also a liver transplant is typically the best option If the condition is so advanced that the liver can not be healed. However, go to a hospital with a technical Liver Disease, Transplantation, If you suspect you have cirrhosis or another liver disease. This is where you’ll find the best doctors specializing in diseases of the liver and state-of-the-art treatment options, including liver transplant surgery. Cirrhosis is a serious condition and needs specialized medical treatment.

Please contact our 24×7 Dedicated Liver Helpline: Mob: +91 915 888 3611 for immediate advice and queries related to liver disease and transplantation.

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