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Liver Care

Liver Detoxification: Debunking the Myths

In the realm of health and wellness, Liver Detoxification has sparked curiosity and debate. Let’s sift through the myths and facts surrounding this topic to understand what’s truly beneficial for our bodies. Myth: Overnight Cleanses Work Wonders. Fact: The liver’s detox process isn’t a quick fix. It’s a continuous effort, filtering toxins naturally over time. […]

Liver Care

The Silent Stalker: Recognizing the Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis

Your liver, that quiet workhorse in your abdomen, performs a vital dance, filtering toxins, aiding digestion, and producing essential proteins. But when this dance becomes a struggle, the condition known as cirrhosis can creep in, often silently. Cirrhosis, characterized by scarring and impaired liver function, can be a stealthy foe, with symptoms presenting subtly or […]

Liver Care
The Silent Threat: Liver Diseases with No Symptoms | Dr. Ninad Deshmukh

The Silent Threat: Liver Diseases with No Symptoms

The liver, the largest internal organ in our body, plays a vital role in various essential functions, from metabolizing nutrients to detoxifying harmful substances. Liver diseases can be a silent menace, as they often develop without noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, Pune’s distinguished Liver Transplant Surgeon and Gastroenterologist, is here to […]

Liver Care
Alcohol and Liver Health

Alcohol and Liver Health – Understanding the Connection & Seeking Solutions

The liver, a remarkable organ with an incredible capacity for regeneration, plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health. However, its resilience has limits, especially when it comes to excessive alcohol consumption. At NewLife Gastro and Liver Clinic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, a distinguished Liver Transplant Surgeon in Pune and […]

Liver Care
Hepatitis Stigma

Hepatitis Stigma: Breaking Down Barriers to Diagnosis and Care

Hepatitis, a group of viral infections that target the liver, is a global health concern. Yet, beyond the physical toll it takes on millions of lives, there’s another insidious aspect to hepatitis – stigma. Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, an esteemed hepatologist in Pune and a leading Liver Transplant specialist, is committed to raising awareness about this […]

Liver Care
Understanding the Liver's Multifaceted Functions | Dr. Ninad Deshmukh

Understanding the Liver’s Multifaceted Functions

The liver, often referred to as the body’s silent workhorse, is a powerhouse organ that plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. From detoxification to digestion, the liver’s multifaceted functions are nothing short of extraordinary. Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, a distinguished Liver Transplant Surgeon and a leading Gastroenterologist in Pune, delves into the intricacies of […]

Liver Care
Liver Health in the Digital Age

Liver Health in the Digital Age

In the digital age, our lives have become intertwined with technology, making our daily routines increasingly sedentary and screen-focused. While technology has undoubtedly brought convenience and efficiency to our lives, it has also given rise to certain health concerns, including the impact on liver health. Dr. Ninad Deshmukh, a prominent gastroenterologist and liver transplant surgeon […]

Liver Care
Hepatologist in Pune


HepatologyThe Separation of Hepatology is a complicated program that offers the latest clinical treatment and research in one hospital organization. With lots of people having chronic liver disease, the amount of advanced liver diseases being diagnosed is increasing. In reply to the present need, substantial advances in treatment options and research are made. Our division […]

Liver Care

Liver Transplant By Dr. Ninad Subhash Deshmukh

चांदोबाचे ट्रान्सप्लांट*. (सत्यघटना क्र. २ ) लेखन:क्षितिजा आगाशे वाचकहो जिवंतपणी सुरक्षित यकृत दान या विषयावरील पालवी या माझ्या कथेचं आपण भरभरून स्वागत केलत.त्याच पार्श्वभूमीवर ही दुसरी सत्यकथा आपल्यासाठी ! ही कथा १००%सत्य असून त्यात उल्लेख केलेली सर्व माहिती आणि डॉक्टरांचे तपशील तसेच सर्व माहिती शास्त्रीय असून वैद्यकीय मार्गदर्शनाखाली ‘जिवंतपणी यकृत दान’ या संकल्पनेच्या जनहितार्थ प्रसार […]

Liver Care
Liver Transplant in Pune

कहाणी लिवर ट्रान्सप्लांट ची

**ही कथा १००% सत्यघटना असून त्यात  उल्लेख केलेली संपुर्ण घटना आणि डॉक्टरांचे तपशील तसेच सर्व माहिती पूर्णपणे सत्य आणि अत्यंत  शास्त्रीय असून वैद्यकीय मार्गदर्शनाखाली जनहितार्थ प्रसार करण्याच्या हेतूनं लिहिली आहे*.त्याचा प्रचार आणि प्रसार करावा.(MAKE IT VIRAL) अधिक माहितीसाठी  संपर्क *डॉ.निनाद देशमुख* .(लिव्हर ट्रान्सप्लांट सर्जन) दीनानाथ मंगेशकर हॉस्पिटल* पुणे. .         *पालवी* “ए ताई  […]

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